Life Continues After

Trigger Warning: sexual assault and rape

In 2018, after completing both individual and group therapy with a rape crisis centre, I felt left adrift in my trauma. I wanted a space to put all of the things that help me cope, and I wanted a space where other survivors could come to put their things too. So, I independently created the communal website Life Continues After, with help from my brilliant friend Indigo Ayling, a crip queer artist.

I designed the website on Squarespace and continue to host it there, crowdfunding the site every year with help from my community. The way I designed the website centred on agency for survivors – I don’t use any commanding words in the menu, for instance, using ‘words’, ‘sounds’, and ‘sights’ instead of their alternative imperatives ‘read’, ‘listen’, or ‘watch’. Trigger warnings are mandatory on each post, as personal choice and safety was the priority. I still act as editor, designer and manager of the social media accounts (primarily Instagram).

The social media following combined amounts to 1,500 followers and 13,000 site visits to date with 12,000 individual users. I have had hundreds of submissions and although I’ve taken a break in the past year to focus on my other projects, I’m still extremely proud of how far the project has come.

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