My first non-fiction book The Way We Survive: Notes on Rape Culture, came out with Trapeze in July 2021. The book is a comprehensive look at how it feels to be a survivor within our contemporary rape culture. To order, follow this Bookshop link or order from your local bookstore (never buy books from Amazon, boo!)

I’m currently working on my first work of fiction, funded by Arts Council England DYCP. Check back in a year or so to see how that’s going…

“Instagram’s pivot to video is leaving behind disabled users”. Mashable, 2022.
“The Reality of Trying to Survive on Universal Credit Right Now”. Refinery29, 2022.
“5 Tips for Coping with Lichen Sclerosus”. Giddy, 2022.
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Swimming Helped Me Feel Valid in My Disabled Identity.” The Spill, 2021
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Creative Writing:
The Unbearable Brightness of Being, Able Zine, 2021
The Niceness of Painkillers, Sick, 2021
Bodies of Water, Unlimited, 2021
SAD, Susie Magazine, New York, 2019
Louder, Transnational Queer Underground, 2018
Thorns, Cambridge Footnotes Annual Poetry anthology, 2018

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